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Nataša Milenovic Cupped Patina Earrings NM14

  Copper and sterling silver earrings by Tasmanian designer NATASA MILENOVIC. These earrings feature sterling silver ear hooks and textured copper with a natural patina.   Dimensions: The copper piece with patina is approximately 22mm...

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Melly Frank - Autumn Breeze Earrings

Sterling silver and brass Autumn Breeze Earrings by Tasmanian designer MELLY FRANK. Dimensions: Oxidised silver stud approximately 2cm width, 1.3cm length. Length from top of earring approximately 5cm, width at widest point...

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Melly Frank - Titanium Chain Drops

Titanium and sterling silver chain drop earrings by Tasmanian designer MELLY FRANK Dimensions: Titanium flower approximately 1.3cm diameter. Length approximately 6cm from top of earring.

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New Moon-Whale Tail Necklace

Whale Tail Necklace in sterling silver on a 45cm sterling silver chain. Dimensions: Length approximately 2cm. Width at widest point approximately 2cm.  


Melly Frank - Meditating Moon Necklace - The Full Moon

The Full Moon Necklace in sterling silver by Tasmanian designer MELLY FRANK. Dimensions: Approximately 2.5cm diameter, on a 50cm sterling silver chain.