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"When you walk through our creaky old door off Woobys Lane you are welcomed by an engaging space full of colourful objects and a gorgeous sandstone walls! There are so many things to touch, absorb, try on, hold and contemplate. "

Spacebar Gallery[ spacebar gallery ] first opened in December 2010 after noticing a lack of support for independent design, art and craft within Hobart, Tasmania.

Today the store continues to support hundreds of designers whilst Hobart gains world-wide recognition with its art culture.

Situated off Wooby's Lane and located within the thriving arts community of Salamanca Arts Centre. This large four story building was erected in 1843 as a warehouse intended to store whale oil and imported goods. In the early 20th century this and adjacent buildings were transformed into fruit processing and jam making factories. Our little gallery only occupies about a small fraction of the entire building. Our pride and joy are the original sandstone walls which constitute the external structure of the shop.

The dark timber ceiling with large support beams are also a feature. This mix of old and new, raw and polished, crisp and worn elements really accentuates the mixture of designers that we represent. The rest of the building is occupied by art galleries, several artist studios, a metal-work co-op, a Tasmanian produce delicatessen, a performance theatre and the cutest little café in town!​​ ​​

Store Opening Hours

MON-FRI 10 til 4pm

SAT 9:30 til 4pm